Pudd’nhead Parenting

Pudd’nhead Parenting is a guide for parents of children with ADD. It focuses on the neglected area of forming a positive working relationship with their child, which is vital for the success of any other efforts to help them. It helps parents relate to their child and help that child see themselves in a positive light and move past the challenges of ADD.

Parents of children with ADD experience a lot of anxiety and frustration about how to help their child both avoid pain and achieve success. The various mental health care professionals at their disposal are qualified to offer valuable intervention, but do not address the one element that can make those efforts effective-the working relationship between the parent and child.

Pudd’nhead Parenting takes parents through three essential steps:

1. Understanding ADD and its effects on their child.

2. Helping their child view him or herself in a positive way.

3. Coaching their child through challenges and toward a fulfilling life.

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