101 ADD Strategies: #41, #42 – Managing Time

Time management can really trip up someone with ADD. Getting places on time and getting things done on time can be a serious problem for those who are time challenged. Planning how long something will take to do and estimating when it will be done can be next to impossible. This dysfunction begins with a […]


101 ADD Strategies: #39, #40 – Completing Projects

#39 Create Urgency Sometimes managing ADD is all about managing our motivation and adequately incentivizing ourselves. In the case of an unfinished project, sometime we have to manufacture a deadline, which will help the old project compete for our time and attention. If you are trying to complete a remodel job on your kitchen, schedule […]


101 ADD Strategies: #37, #38 – Completing Projects

Most people consider sustaining attention as the most typical challenge of people with ADD. That’s because nobody has conducted a poll of wives of ADD men. The results of that poll, I’m guessing, would rank completing projects as the most typical challenge. Some people with ADD love to start projects. The creative juices start flowing […]


101 ADD Strategies: #35, #36 – Transitioning Between Tasks

#35 Relocate Again this strategy is dependent on your ability to cause enough of a distraction to break your train of thought and pull you out of the deep focus on an activity. This one is also the next step if putting the project away is not enough. In my previous example I talked about […]


101 ADD Strategies: #33, #34 – Transitioning Between Tasks

People that have a problem with working memory and certain executive functions may have difficulty switching from one project or task to another. To start working on a task these people may struggle to get focused, identify where to start, find their motivation, and organize the materials and information they need to be productive. Once […]