Leading a Horse

For someone who hasn’t been around horses much, leading a horse by a hackamore or the reins of a bridal may seem simple. It would be except for a couple of key factors. First, a horse is bigger than a human and doesn’t have to move if it doesn’t want to. Second, a horse does […]


The Value of Guilt

Someone once told my wife that I had a very active conscience. In other words I feel guilt easily. Many people today see guilt as a bad thing to be avoided at all costs. I say that realistic guilt is a good thing. It should never be avoided, but should always be removed. Usually the […]


The 80-20 Rule

This has been an 80-20 week for me. That means that I spent 80% of my time in my sweet spot and 20% of my time outside of it. The sweet spot includes those activities that utilize our superpowers, activities that we look forward to, where we are comfortable and confident. Even if some stress […]


Basketball vs. Wrestling

Let’s talk about disabilities in a physical instead of a mental context. Physical disabilities are tangible and thus easier for us to reason through. If you were born into a family of basketball players, everyone tall, sinewy, graceful and mobile, but you were short and husky and completely flat-footed and earth bound, you might consider […]


Two Purposes of Life Stitched Together

Each of us has something to accomplish in this life for the benefit of others, in addition we must each progress, grow and working out our own salvation.  Those two inward and outward purposes are stitched together at many points like the two halves of my wife’s tied quilts.  As such, when we strive to […]


A Good Talk with a Great Kid

I got a call today from a friend of a friend. He told me a familiar story. He did well in school up until the ninth grade. Then he started to struggle with his ability to focus in his classes and on his studies. After getting through high school he took a needed break from […]


Belief = Effort

If your child doesn’t seem motivated at school, they may no longer believe. We so commonly mistake their lack of effort for a lack of desire. All action is based on faith, or a belief that the result of that action will be successful or at least not painful. When you go to climb a […]


His Breath

For this week’s Sunday post I want to share a poem I wrote after an experience I had with God and nature. His Breath I walked to the woods and knelt by a rock and prayed, The only thing I felt was the weakness of my words. So I sat on the rock to look […]


He Said It to the Wrong Person

I’ll share with you this rather extreme case of what threatens the self-esteem of children with ADD. When my daughter was fourteen she volunteered to coach a soccer team made up of eight- and nine-year-old boys. I went along as her assistant coach/mentor. She was doing a wonderful job except for managing one particular kid […]


Working Memory and Time Management

The computer brain also uses working memory to monitor how much time it has been working on a given task. Every event that happens in the computer is timed to the nanosecond. It uses these timings to coordinate the millions of tasks it may need to perform in a single given second. If your child […]