101 ADD Strategies: #79, #80 – Adapting to Change

#79 Take a Friend

Sometimes the best way to cope with a new situation is to take something with you from the old situation. Usually the best thing to take with you is a friend. Being with someone you know makes you feel like you belong and that you are in more familiar territory.

Adjusting to your first year of college can be easier if you are sharing a dorm room with a friend from high school. Showing up to the first day of soccer practice is less intimidating if you know someone else on the team. The connections we have in life are an important part of our mental and emotional well being. Take advantage of them whenever you can. Take them with you wherever you go.

If you can’t take them with you, don’t delay in meeting a new friend wherever you go. Your best friend in high school is rarely your best friend later in life. Since your next best friend is out there somewhere, keep putting yourself in situations to meet new people. Welcome change as an opportunity to meet your next best friend.

#80 Find a Mentor

Sometimes change is intimidating because in the current situation you are the expert, but in the new situation you will be the rookie. That can be a source of anxiety, not knowing for sure if you can succeed and regain your confidence in the new situation. Taking the right approach can ease your stress.

First, admit to yourself and others that you have a lot to learn. Pretending that you have a level of expertise that you don’t, only creates more pressure. The best thing to do is to turn to more experienced people for mentoring. Those people will love being recognized as experts just as much as you did. They will normally be willing to take you under their wing and show you the ropes.

Before long your mentor will want to show you off to the world as their talented protégé. Before you know it you will feel just as comfortable and accepted as you were before.

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