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Dear Parent,

Because you took the initiative to come here, I want to give you a Free Gift.

As you learn about your child’s ADD, you should focus on two things:

1. Forming a POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP with your child is YOUR first step to helping THEM.

2. SELF-ESTEEM is then essential for YOUR CHILD to help THEMSELF.

Free Video Tutorial: Quieting the Critic

Based on a key chapter in my book Pudd’nhead Parenting.

You will learn how to help your child identify the voice of their INNER CRITIC and QUIET its erosive influence. Without that influence they will be able to move forward toward worthy goals with more FOCUS and CONFIDENCE.

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I hope this free gift helps you help your child,

Sterling Pratt

Pudd’nhead Parenting is a guide for parents of children with ADD. It focuses on the neglected area of forming a positive working relationship with their child, which is vital for the success of any other efforts to help them. It helps parents relate to their child and help that child see themselves in a positive light and move past the challenges of ADD. Read More

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